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Everything I've been talking about in this thread,
which I started to think about while posting...
Is not apparently that far from the truth.

Anyone of you heard of the Jesuit Order?

Otherwise known as "The Society of Jesus", the Jesuit Order is the most dangerous organization in the world today.
Originally created by the Vatican to counter reformation movements in Europe, in 1814 it finally took complete control of the Vatican.

The Jesuit Order is the head of the serpent: It controls the Military Order of Malta (Knights of Malta),
The United Nations, NATO, various central banks, big corporations, secret services, and numerous secret societies such as Freemasonary.

Many have come to the conclusion that "the Jews run it all". There is no denying that the corporate media is vastly dominated by powerful Jewish business men, that Israel manipulates the American government through AIPAC, that the British Monarchy is intertwined with Jewish banking interests (Rothschild finance dynasty) and so on. In order for the true controllers to remain hidden, a patsy must be put in place. This is where Israel and Zionism fits into the picture.

Many are not even aware that there exists a "Black Pope" or that the Jesuits exist, let alone that they control world affairs from behind the scenes. If humanity is to ever release itself from this spiritual stranglehold and stop the New World Order, the Jesuit Order must be exposed and the bloody history brought to light.

I can't fucking believe this.

(simplify: I know the Svali and Arizona stories and believe Arizona is not telling the truth, whereas Svali is.
What happened still doesn't change my point. The "satanic" elite is only a smoking mirror for you to ONLY concentrate on that. And it has worked.)
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