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Thanks walking red button! But Im just theorising, just like everyone else.
In the end what we all want is to find the truth,
and if that means starting all over again, I think we would all do that.

Also with all the conspiracy theories of how music is "satanic",
how rock music has destroyed our youth and musicians, how it hypnotises us and makes us worship satan...
Doesn't this all sound a bit too familiar? Wasn't this what christians said about Elvis in the 50's and how it would corrupt the youth? Dancing too?
Well, now we only see this on conspiracy theory forums!

strt: I agree that christianity as it is today is indeed different than what it was "before", but people are still worshipping the sun.
Sadly they just don't it see it thanks to the bible and the story of jesus.

My mother once said that the elite & matrix conspiracy theory
sounds a lot like the story of the bible re-written in a more interesting way.
The Matrix = Satan and Consciousness/Love = God...
Now that I think of her theory, I can't say It's that far off.
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