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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
You are saying be more vigilant but if this Q Anon shit is for real then how is it not the ultimate in vigilance? Unless you want to skip ahead to potential dangers of the post-cabal world. There could be worse things waiting like AI or aliens or fake aliens or whatever you can imagine but right now we have to deal with the predators that have been doing this shit for a long time. If you are saying this (in)human species of predators are just a necessary part of life well that is fucked up. "These so-called bad people"? What are you trying to say? You sympathize with the abusers??? Or you don't think they commit abuse at all or what?
“Predators, abusers, post human, aliens, AI, or in the Now", makes no difference to me. wolves really don’t give a fuck.

Cos I see many wolves are past the gates, and they are dressed like sheep..

jesus look around you supertzar, the fact that you cant even see whats going around on in this theater is funny to me. Haha please calm down, cos you know emotions occur during conflicts of concepts…

work on your emotions (women are too far gone, they are just programmed with emotions to breed like sheep) anyway emotions change like the wind. So Focus!!! Work on your knowledge of about whats going on around you. (I do try sometimes lol) and you will be amazed, born again each time if you do, into a new life of thinking.

we are in a eternal clusterfuck, and it comes with emotional pain, and our emotions create it!

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