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Default The Troubadours and the Church of Love

Love and Strife are the two dominating forces in the Universe, according to Empedocles.
The Ancient Greeks distinguished at least 4 different types of Love:
Eros: blind love born out of attraction between the sexual organs
Agape: spiritual love (see the New Testament)
Philia: love between equals, say friends
Storge: between parents and children

A distinct culture arose in the South of France circa 1200 A.D. in the area known as Occitania. This culture was influenced the heretical beliefs of the Cathars. They sang about a new type of Love - Amour.

Follow the thread of their story:

According to some, the true origin of this culture can be traced back to the times of Alexander the Great, when certain practices involving Tantric sex were brought to Europe, eventually leading to the rise of the Cathar heresy, the practice of Alchemy and the Tarot (the Marseilles version).

And here are some songs, to entertain you:

"I will place it where it will not be recognized by the foolish, nor ignored by the Sons of the Doctrine, for it is the key, the perfection and the end."
Turba Philosophorum
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