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Big money is behind the 'green regime'...big corporate pressure

Green New Deal Delusion
Kurt Nimmo
2 hours ago

The Green Delusion is “being promoted as a kind of progressive beacon of a greener America, promising jobs and social justice for all on top of a shift away from fossil fuels. It’s a proposal largely driven by newcomers to politics and environmental activism (and supported, however tentatively, by several potential presidential candidates and members of the Democratic political establishment).”

Dems and progressives quite typically ignore the math. This green plan—actually a socialist boondoggle to push the Identity and intersectional agenda on the American people—will cost trillions.

No worries. The socialists have it figured out.

TY @rch371 The short answer to ‘how we will pay for’ the Green New Deal is easy. We’ll pay for it just as we pay for all else: Congress will authorize necessary spending, and Treasury will spend. This is how we do it – always has been, always will be.

— Sherry_Reson (@Sherry_Reson) January 17, 2019

In other words, massive growth of the deficit and shifting the responsibility to pay for a humongous and largely ignored national debt over to the unborn and small children in an imaginative scheme that will keep the debt beast feeding on its victims well into the future.

Establishment Democrats will back this green delusion. Many have arrived at the conclusion that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are not the future representing the flip side of the one party arrangement. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is.

Let’s call the Green New Deal what is—a Trojan horse for the socialists.

Socialism—communism lite—is a great control mechanism. If you complain too loudly about brownouts, blackouts, the inability to pay for severely taxed gasoline (think of the Yellow Vests in France), food shortages, and dozens of necessities dependent on the current energy arrangement, you may be called out as a climate denier. This classification is one rung down from that of the holocaust denier.

Those times are coming—and sooner before later, especially as the wheels come off an artificially pumped up stock market.

I keep saying this and I will say it again. If the political arrangement in this country does not change—if the republic and the Constitution (or what’s left of both) are to survive—the wars must end and the monetary system taken out of the hands of international bankers and a predatory global elite.

I’m not seeing this happen. I am seeing millions of ill-informed, propagandized, and badly educated Americans—in history, geography, politics—either fully or partially buying into a delusional system that is teetering on the edge of economic and social disaster.

If the history of the 20th century shows anything it’s that people will go along with the prevailing political arrangement until such a time as there is a breakdown, economic failure, and social chaos. We’re not there yet. We are rapidly approaching that destination.

The socialists are ready to take over. Like FDR, they’re good at demanding sacrifice, and punishing those who reject the premise manmade carbon is responsible for an approaching climate apocalypse. It wasn’t a surprise when they wove this into existing leftist narratives, most prominently race-gender identity and wealth inequality (shorthand for taxation and redistribution to groups carved out by the state).
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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