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War against masculinity (the urge to protect)

An interesting clip below by tucker carlson where he explores why the democrats are siding with the jewish neocons in wanting more war in syria and continued NATO membership

The democrats are attacking trump for wanting to pull the troops out of syria and for discussing the idea of leaving NATO. This feeds into their argument that trump is an agent of putin

In my experience of debating with progressives what usually happens is that they are not honest about their true intentions. They always hide their agenda behind an excuse or hide it behind faux-morality

So as the debate goes on the guy says that baltic countries want to be free and have liberal values. So really the reason the progressives HATE russia is because russia is upholding christian values

The western progressives (i'm loathe to call them 'liberals' as i think they have co-opted that term) want to push transgenderism, pedophilia, materialism, satanism, hi-tech takeover of our lives, war, mammonism and narcissism which are all at odds with russias christian values

The fake-left wants to demonise 'toxic masuclinity' ie male energy which when used properly in society= DISCIPLINE. Yes the dark flip side of masculinity when it is out of balance is oppressive violence but when channeled positively it is good for innovation, protection, self-sacrifice for the common good and also discipline and as we watch society fall apart it becomes clearer and clearer that this demonisation of men by the fake-left has been all about making men step back when what is needed is for men to step UP!

Men cannot step up however without the support of women which is why the cabal has used militant feminism to remove female support for discipline by painting men as an enemy of women

This suppression of the sacred masculine is seeing all kinds of acting out in society and the flourishment of a me, me, me culture

people have lost discipline, they have lost a sense of working for something greater than themselves and they have lost insight that comes from self-reflection which is all part of discipline

The various factions of disgruntled people who all have an axe to grind against society that the cabal has pulled together under the banner of the fake-left all HATE russia because in their eyes it epitomises the masculinity that they so despise

To them putin also embodies masculinity and trump too is despised because he is coming in like daddy to spank the naughty children and the naughty children want to be able to misbehave. Trump is coming in and saying some hard truths about what is sustainable for a society and what isn't and the progressives don't want to think in practical terms because they are all EMOTIONALITY

This is why the fake-left must always hide its irrationality behind faux-morality for example they don't despise russia because it wants to invade latvia. They HATE russia because to them it embodies masculine traits for example it wants to protect itself and its people

They don't argue that trump is working for putin because its true, they do it because that hate that trump is pushing back against the political correctness that they have been using to attack 'heteronormative society'. THATS why they hate him. Its got nothing to do with something rational. It has everything to do with their prejudice

Tucker Carlson Tonight - 1/15/2019 - Tucker Carlson Fox News Live - January 15, 2019

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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