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Originally Posted by babywithalaser View Post

You're the second person to say that. Chuffed to bits., I couldn't wish for better compliment. Thank you.

Gary Moore was a hero of mine.

The day I was pencilled in to play on it, my brother died. I couldn't think let alone play guitar so I did it three days later when things were still raw. It was all done in one take with tears streaming down my face.

I haven't put it here to plug it, it is more of a tribute to my brother that I just wanted to share.

Thanks for the likes and thanks to anyone who listened.
I got asked to write a piece and play it for my Aunt's funeral a couple of years back. First and last time I'll be doing that. Lol. I could barely play a note. Got through it, but it wasn't easy. Sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. That's ruff man.
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