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My reading record is crap but Ickes work I can stay interested in reading. I like the manner in which he writes. Gee Steveng you aint gonna read "Remember who you are" or did you forget to type it? That was the first of Ickes books I read and I never finished it, got about 3/4 though. I'm not what is called "a reader". I have read some of "The Perception Deception"(and flicked through it) and that is one book that I recommend to people, it explains so much and its hard to deny there is a major global conspiracy after reading it. His books are great but for an easier and quicker way to see what he is saying his videos are brilliant.
I read it with my tin foil crown on. There is divine royalty as opposed to satanic royalty, as everyone knows. From one newbie to another, welcome to one of the greatest forums to ever exist.
__________________ -useful information to decode 'their' spells...btw its not pleasant, and can be depressing.(but dont worry its all changing) Enjoy!
The Son of God on the Galactic Equator Cross saving us from Sin(The Saturn Moon Matrix) Sin means 'Moon')
I'm not religious btw.
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