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I've only read Human Race Get Off you Knees. The main body of the book is 645 pages. It was a struggle to get through it but I was determined to complete it. It took me about 6 weeks. DI is a great researcher and I am grateful for his work, but this book was not easy to read. Dense with facts. I wrote down a few names to research on the internet but that was it. Then I started to search on youtube on phrases like "Rothchilds" "reptilians" and so on. Then I stumbled on the Higherside Chats podcasts which I really like and have listened to a lot of those.

My approach is to just let the information wash over me without trying to "figure out what is true". I have come to conclusions about some things and not sure about other things. I am just listening and reading and see where my life takes me from here.
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