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Default How do you read David's books?

So far I've read Lifting the Veil and I am me, I am free. Several times in both books I re-read certain passages to try and familiarise myself better with David's beliefs and knowledge of world history. I've now started The Robot's Rebellion and after that have ...and the truth shall set you free, The Biggest Secret, Human Race Get off Your Knees and The Perception Deception to look forward to.

The first two I read were short books but still packed with information. All the other's I have gradually contain more pages and in depth theories which made me wonder how members of the forum approach reading David's work?

I see the 4 big books I have more as text books and don't envisage myself being able to absorb it all in one reading. Do you make notes when reading the books, or highlights specific bits of text for reference?

Be very interested to know how you read David's books.

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