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The Red Cross are now really waging war on Malaria by - I'm kid you not - investing in netting as a priority. Mmmm !

Here is what the Red Cross is saying about their pathetic war on Malaria:

"The global community is fully committed to reducing disease and death due to malaria. The “Roll Back Malaria” initiative has over 500 partners working together to provide a coordinated global response to the disease, and to achieve ambitious targets for its reduction by 2010. Similarly, one of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals is that incidence of the disease will be falling by 2015.

Given the commitment to these targets by countries throughout the world, the past five years have seen an enormous increase in resources available for malaria prevention and treatment including long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), medicinal treatment (using artemesinin-based combination therapy), indoor residual spraying of insecticide and preventative treatment during pregnancy.

The International Federation’s Response to Malaria

The International Federation’s fight against malaria is focused on social mobilization (encouraging and assisting communities to work together to fight the disease), communication aimed at changing behaviour, and assistance to households with LLIN distribution and hanging through the flagship programmes of “Hang Up” and “Keep Up”. It also supports individual countries’ ministries of health in achieving the RBM 2010 targets".

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