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Originally Posted by chockimon View Post
I agree, we are responsible for our conscious actions, but disagree that we are not capable of controlling unconscious thought. It's all about discipline and learning to control the mind by directly interacting with it through meditation and accessing the many levels of awareness & consciousness, yet how many people or even scientists can be even bothered to meditate, let alone tame their unconscious mind. The answer is not many and you wonder why some people appear to have no control over their emotions or behavior and then make absurd claims that we are not responsible for our actions. Surely this is the height of ignorance, completely ignoring your true inner self, while at the same claiming that they understand how consciousness & unconsciousness operates.
I think of the subconscious as the mass of an iceberg below the surface and the conscious as the tip above water. So conscious actions need the foundation of the subconscious. And I agree that conscious activities can alter the subconscious (even though it's a massive task).
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