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Originally Posted by Anders Lindman View Post
Hmm... Maybe I should explain what I mean by conscious vs unconscious actions. If I do something while being conscious in my ordinary waking state, but I have a lack of or incorrect knowledge about what I'm doing and mess things up completely, then that's STILL conscious action!

By unconscious action I mean things we do without being consciously aware of doing it. Such as picking one's nose in public without being consciously aware of doing it, lol. Or a more classic example is sleepwalking. Or for example driving a car and when arriving at the destination not remembering doing the driving and it was done by subconscious habit of driving. Those are unconscious actions.
I think it goes deeper than this.

I think our normal awakened state is highly un-conscious.

You would probably say getting angry at another driver is done in a conscious state, I would say it is done in a highly un-conscious state.

What I mean is that if you were fully conscious, you would always be in control of your actions and thoughts, you would always be aware of your situation and your surroundings, you wouldn't be a slave to emotion and circumstance. It is the zen state that is spoken about, that hardly anybody attains, as holding onto true consciousness for any length of time is very difficult.

Try it yourself, count the seconds on a clock aqnd see how many you can count without becoming distracted, as soon as you become distracted you are unconscious, other stimulous has effected you, whether it be a thought, or a fly or whatever.

I see unconscious behaviour all of the time, everywhere I look. Just take time to stop and watch people, truly watch them, most a going about their buisiness in a totally un-conscious state, a state that you would probably call conscious.
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