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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
No kidding. We need an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiry. They've been using the same old smokescreen tactics for decades now. Hillsborough took over twenty years and were it not for the persistence of the families, the truth would never have come out.

Call for a more robust and neutral inquiry into child abuse and you're accused of starting a witch hunt, or you're labelled a conspiracy nutter. God knows how many disinformation agents they've managed to plant over the years to distract and confuse. Look at the accusations about Ted Heath. That's sinking faster than Morning Cloud in a Force 10 gale. How many ex-special branch officers have been called to give evidence? How about Heath's predilection for prowling around Hampstead Heath looking for young trade? Where's that file?

The football scandal may get some traction because, so far, no powerful men have been named but you have to wonder where all this will lead. Groping boys in the changing room is one thing but where there is organized child abuse, wealth and power are somewhere close by.
The Ted Heath thing may not be being as deeply buried as they would like. Despite all the attempts to dismiss it, it seems like the Wiltshire chief constable is taking it seriously, let's just hope he survives longer than most other police in this country who try to do something about these events.

Really feels sometimes like the tide could be turning on all this soon. You only have to look at the different way the media treats the allegations against Establishment figures to how they treat the allegations against people like these football coaches to see that the cover up is still ongoing. They act as if everything that the ex footballers are saying is true without question (not saying it isn't of course), while constantly trying to dismiss the victims of MP's as fantasists and liars. People won't fall for these coverups for much longer I think.

I think we should do more to get the people who are reporting claims of abuse, to make their allegations to as many different independent channels as possible simultaneously. It is highly likely that establishment charities like the NSPCC are compromised and possibly even set up for the very purpose of controlling the information received by claimants about establishment figures.

Also, I may be mistaken, but why does there seem to be a lack of mentioning of Gary Speed in the latest round of media reporting on the football allegations? You would think that would be one of the main talking points around this case, which makes me think the chances of him being silenced to stop him outing wider rings (eg North Wales kids homes?) in his books are much higher than most think.
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