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That it's being exposed is a good thing, however this feels like the cheese on a mousetrap.

Each new revelation seems to be a step further away from the elite and a step closer to joe public and the closer it gets to joe public, the more the media cover it and the less of a coverup there is (or at least appears to be.)

In other words, as I have said many times, this is probably being used to steer the whole thing onto joe public where a "massive problem" will be mysteriously found that necessitates "drastic measures" such as children raised by the state.
"Prophecy" or "prediction," - doesn't matter who's it is, it's a form of magick that will bring about a manifestation of some kind if it is a) possible and b) enough of you believe it will happen.

In understanding the "how and why" about so much of this, I can only let others figure it out for themselves for telling them will only make them run further away from understanding.

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