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Originally Posted by baboshka1 View Post
The double-standards behind the way we investigate allegations of sex abuse
In most cases the victums are rarely beleved or its swept under the carpet.

A games of words in the above article imo.
How many of these so called operation inquiries have collasped or been buried and nothing have come of them?
Why don't we have have one called Failure of Operation Enquires? and then have another one the failure of the failure so on so on.

Just a fucking game a pretense that they are looking into child abuse.
The buck always seems to be thrown back at the victum one way or another yet the culprits constantly get away with it.
No kidding. We need an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiry. They've been using the same old smokescreen tactics for decades now. Hillsborough took over twenty years and were it not for the persistence of the families, the truth would never have come out.

Call for a more robust and neutral inquiry into child abuse and you're accused of starting a witch hunt, or you're labelled a conspiracy nutter. God knows how many disinformation agents they've managed to plant over the years to distract and confuse. Look at the accusations about Ted Heath. That's sinking faster than Morning Cloud in a Force 10 gale. How many ex-special branch officers have been called to give evidence? How about Heath's predilection for prowling around Hampstead Heath looking for young trade? Where's that file?

The football scandal may get some traction because, so far, no powerful men have been named but you have to wonder where all this will lead. Groping boys in the changing room is one thing but where there is organized child abuse, wealth and power are somewhere close by.
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