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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
The factories were owned by the merchant class. later to be called the middle class, not the Elite. The aristocracy thought being involved in business very infra dig although later on financially pressed titled men sometimes married daughters of industrialists for their money.

Can you give us the titles of some of these books written by the elite were people are referred to as 'peasants'?

I can give you the names of some very good history books if you wish.
Well yes, merchant bankers also owned the factories, but so did the elite who ruled their countries, those that control the system, and they kicked thousands and thousands of peasants off their land to crowd them into the big factories, and they decided how they were going to profit off of their wars using their own factories. They imported cheap crops from abroad and forced millions off their land, crammed into cities living in squalor. They call it 'technological progress' And even Rothschild got the Corn Law in, which effectively undersold everyone, and they went out of business, and they all had move to the cities to live a life of squalor and misery. They treated people just like how the Chinese are treated today.
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