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Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
They were always there, yes. But the thing is the Masons realised they needed them, even though they hated the middle class, they absolutely despised them, but they needed them on board to manage the industrial revolution so they gave them a form of freemasonry, but of course none of the higher secrets.
According to whom do the Masons hate the middle class? And this isn't how Freemasonry works, but thanks for...well, I can't call it trying, so I guessing lying will work.

Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
According to books written by Masons with more Masonic authority than you.
Such as? Let's have an excerpt from these books then talking about eugenics.

If you say so.
I know so.

The low Masons are out of touch. There's a lot of things they don't know.
And yet you do? Nice hubris.
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