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MP Demands Probe Over Dunblane Killer Masonic Link
By Steve Smith, PA News
Press Association Newsfile
Home News
December 8, 1996

A Labour MP today confirmed he is calling for an urgent inquiry into allegations that Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton had links with the Freemasons.

Stockton North MP Frank Cook says he has now tabled a Commons motion claiming Hamilton may have been allowed to build up an arsenal of high-powered weapons because of links with the ultra-secret society. Mr. Cook claims Hamilton was granted a firearms certificate in 1979 - two years after joining Lodge number 1417 of Masonic Order at Garrow Hill, Glasglow.

The MP alleges the killer stopped going to Lodge meetings in 1986. No one was available at the Lodge today, but a man at a neighbouring Lodge said: "To be honest, I don't think anybody would want someone like Thomas Hamilton anywhere near us."

Mr. Cook will call on the Government for a top-level investigation into the information he says has been received from a senior police source. He added: "I actually feel guilty for not raising this matter sooner - it is something which must be dealt with under the highest priority.

"I have no reason to disbelieve that Thomas Hamilton was in the Freemasons and now feel this side of the whole matter must be investigated thoroughly.

"We must find out immediately why a man of this known character was allowed - it would appear with east - to collect such an alarming amount of weapons and ammunition."
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