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Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
Nonsense. Either you know and are just being dishonest, or you are one of these porch Masons. The Masons must understand that it was the need for a middle class during the industrial era. That's why they gave, for the first time, what's know as Freemasonry to people who are not of nobility, because the nobles already have their orders, going all the way back to ancient times. The Romans had the Equestrian Order for the nobility, and it's never been any different. Now once you're at the 40th degree, that's when you're into the lower gods. It's modeled after Elohim and the angels, and you've got the orders of the angels all the way up to the illumined gods. Like I said, 'Life begins at 40'. It's all esoteric.
What makes you think that the middle class originated during the Industrial era? They have existed for a lot longer than that, i.e the Middle Ages.
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