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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Following is a good overview of some of the highlights in the amazing career of the “war hero” John McCain...
The most interesting “conspiracy theory”, I had not heard yet, is that on 29 July 1967, John McCain started the fire on the USS Forrestal that killed 134 sailors and seriously injured another 161.

John McCain had a reputation as a show-off and was nicknamed Johnny Wet-Start because of his habit of flooding his fighter plane’s engine with fuel before pressing the igniting - a wet start – that makes a flame shoot from the exhaust.
As usual on 29 July 1967, McCain did a wet start but this time the flame ignited one of the Zuni missiles on another plane. So the whole disaster was directly caused by McCain.

Any other Navy pilot would have been court martialled for such a stunt. Because McCain’s father and grandfather were four star admirals he got away with it:

It’s an interesting story, but without more “evidence” it’s nothing more than a “conspiracy theory”...
Its not even that its a vile accusation to defame a man - because he opposed trump.

The whole accident chain is well investigated and the damage control failings as well
1) Its unlikely aircraft would be starting line astern anyway (I cant say never) because of the risk
2) The rocket was launched not ignited - bombs ignited - theres a whole slew of reasons why involving a persistant fault and a shortcut.
3) Hes accused of abandoning his position - but he did no such thing everyone has muster stations that's where you go so you can be counted and assigned a task - Besides you dont want untrained people in the way.

Regardless of his faults this whole story is simply an attack by Trump supporters and some on the far left and anti war types (strange bedfellows indeed) who seek to destroy his reputation
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