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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Some Smartphone fools suspect that their phone listens in on their conversations, as after they were talking about some product or holiday with friends, soon afterwards they got an advertisement on the same topic in their social media apps.
Somebody tried the experiment to intentionally say things that could be used as “triggers”. The following day he got advertisements on precisely what he had been talking about.

Gullible fools even know that Smartphones are equipped with AI assistants that listen to voice commands, but aren’t able to put 2 and 2 together.
Experts warn that through apps: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can listen to what you say and that there are no legal restrictions. Facebook and WhatsApp deny to use Smartphone microphones to gather information for targeted advertising, but these are known to lie...
Experts agree that voice recognition technology exists.

Expert Peter Henway explained:

Henway also said that government agencies can potentially access this information, whether it’s legal in your home country or not, but there’s really no need to worry about Big Brother:
(archived here:
So what if they spy on a lot of trivial crap? if people really wanted to keep something secret they could by avoiding the use of electronic devices to communicate.

The technology is there but are most peoples daily conversations really worth the government listening too? I would think they would direct their efforts towards people who are of real interest and concern. When you look at FB 99.9999% of the content is absolute trash.

My question is, if people are worried that they are being spied on then what are they doing that they feel is so important they need monitoring? fear and paranoia are often manifestations of guilty feelings.
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