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Originally Posted by jozen bo View Post
You are correct!!! I have been aware for a long time that I am channeling, tuning in, and aligning my mind with the Single Void Mind. Just as our brain is composed of many cells, not just one, there is a vast Mind filled with All Knowledge. Our own individual minds compose the cells of this Complete Mind. There is only one Complete Mind, there has always been. The consequences of nothing at all bring about/ and are the same as the Mind of Infinity. Infinity excludes nothing and includes it.

We are approaching and soon to be crossing the bridge of exponential shifting from one consciousness to another. Our awareness is about to take another unexpected huge leap, I say unexpected because no one knows entirely how huge. If you look back at time and how our collective technology has developed, you will notice that it is developing faster and more as time unfolds. We have made technological leaps within these last hundred years that outstrip the previous 10,000. We have also lost valuable technology deemed unimportant in the process. Overall, there is a purpose to the process and there is more opportunity today then ever before.
What I figured as well is that connecting to oneness must be what is called channeling. It feels amazing, and is very enlightening, but it has been years since I archieved it last time, and unfortunately I never managed to write it down or make something else out of it. I only asked for answers to questions about some of the basics of life. Looking into how connected we all are, and what drives the universe. The meaning of life which seemed so simply, but was soon forgotten, although it felt so obvious.

I guess this is a question I already asked before, but dont you feel like loosing your self, when connecting to it? Especially if connected too much or too long...

I agree that our technology is advancing at a all time high rate. If I am not mistaken, technology has reached alot more than the simple stuff we get to see. The military lets us know that lasers, plasma, ion and other high energy weapons are now being developed, and invisibility and AI is also fast evolving, but if I am not mistaken that has already been around for years, maybe decades. Cloning is even becomming outdated from what I have heard. They figured out making spare clones for spare parts to be impractical in many ways, so now they are figuring out ways to grow organs on their own, which seem somewhat more humane.
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