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Arrow Silent Steel

General Dynamics Electric Boat..

Coronation Street No 7 Collapses 65 ..
1968 May 16 – Ronan Point, a 23 floor tower block in Canning Town, east London, partially collapses after a gas X-plosion, killing 5- EQ kills 47 in Japan - In the Stormont by-election in the city of Londonderry the Ulster Unionists retain the seat/17- US performs nuclear Test –Catonsville Nine enter the offices in Maryland, take dozens of draft records and burn them with napalm as a protest against the Vietnam War- Frank Howard belts record 8th HR in 5th straight - European Space Research Org launches 1st satellite\19-A general election is held in Italy-Nigerian forces capture Port Harcourt and form a ring around the Biafrans- Pirate Radio Brumble of North England 1st heard/21 - USSR performs nuclear test (underground)\22 – U.S. nuclear-powered submarine Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard, 400 miles southwest of the Azores-Church of Scotland permits the ordination of women as ministers/23- AC Milan of Italy win 8th European Cup Winner's Cup - Beatles open 2nd Apple Boutique at 161 New Kings Road, London\24- Jagger & Faithfull arrested- French President Charles de Gaulle proposes referendum & students set fire to Paris bourse- Haiti closes down shortwave station 4VEH for 40 days- FLQ separatists bomb the U.S. consulate in Quebec City/25- Unicorn The Irish Rovers hits #7-Stones release "Jumping Jack Flash"- Gateway Arch in St Louis dedicated-US Women's Bowling Open\27 - 30,000 to 50,000 people gather in the Stade Sebastien Charlety/29– Man United wins the European Cup Final after beating Benfica 4-1 in Xtra-time at Wembley Stadium- UN resolves sanctions on white-minority-ruled Rhodesia\30- University church in Leipzig, German DR, blown up – Bobby Unser wins the Indianapolis 500- Jimmy Stewart retires from the Air Force after 27 years of service, and is promoted to major general by President Reagan...

WonderWall -Penny Lane- pyschedelia London..

USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a Skipjack-class nuclear submarine of the US Navy and the 6th vessel of the U.S. Navy to carry that name..The USS Scorpion is one of 2 nuclear subs the U.S. Navy has lost, the other being USS Thresher.. It was 1 of 4 mysterious sub disappearances in 1968; the others being the Israeli submarine INS Dakar, the French submarine Minerve (S647) and the Soviet sub K-129..During the 1968 inquiry, Vice Admiral Arnold F. Shade testified that he believed that a malfunction of the trash disposal unit (TDU) was the trigger for the disaster...The book All Hands Down concludes that the Scorpion was destroyed while en route to gather intelligence on a Soviet naval group conducting operations in the Atlantic.. While the mission for which the submarine was diverted from her original course back to her home port is a matter of record, its details remain classified...

Author Robert Rodriguez writes that scoring the Wonderwall film "got the [Indian music] genre out of Harrison's system"..In America, some copies of the LP had the Berlin Wall image mistakenly printed on the front, which made for "a less than exciting cover to be sure".. in Madinger and Easter's opinion.. Included on the LP's sleeve insert was a black-and-white photograph of Harrison taken by Astrid Kirchherr, a friend since the Beatles' first residency in Hamburg, Germany, in 1960..features Noel Trevarthen as Policeman, Richard Wattis as Perkins, Irene Handl as Mrs. Peurofoy, and a cameo by Dutch collective The Fool..Release dates 17 May 1968 (Cannes).. can't help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man..Don't Look for it, Taylor..To suggest that we can learn anything about the simian nature from a study of man is sheer nonsense..We're very popular with actors.. Have I, uh, seen you in anything?..It's a question of simian survival...

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