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Default The Spivey Conspiracy

Hi, many thanks for replying. I really appreciate your response and input. I must confess that I'm the first to coin the phase, 'Spivey Conspiracy'. I just hope it catches on, to describe the emerging theory that all our world leaders are fictional characters, played by a number of unknown persons, playing various other identities.

I'll be honest, it hurts my head trying to understand it; but I'm interested that one man is saying this. I've always been interested in the one person who says 'look this way,' while the crowd says, 'look that way.'

I've written a lot about Spivey in my time. I like to think I've brought the Spivey Conspiracy to people who would otherwise know nothing about it.

My most famous article is titled, 'Who the fuck is Spivey?'

Following by a wealth of others- Below are just a taster of the dozens I've written about him.


The most recent article asks the question whether Theresa May is an imposter.

Again, thanks for the reply, and I'm interested about the letters between royalty, concerning keeping the peasants busy. I'm eager to learn more about these letters.
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