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Default The Spivey Conspiracy

Dear Readers; I'm trying to get my head around the Spivey Conspiracy and would love to hear what you have to say about Spivey and his works.

I'm beginning to understand but to fully understand the Spivey Conspiracy you’ve got to imagine a truly satanic and evil elite hell-bent on maintaining their control in a world of ever advancing technology.

To get your head around the Spivey Conspiracy you’ll have to appreciate it’s beginning goes all the way back to the Victorian era, when mass print and propaganda was only just being utilised to its fullest potentials.

You have to imagine an Elite who portrayed one image in public, but who got up to all kinds of criminal mischief behind closed doors. Imagine an Elite with their own problems, embarrassments and secrets.

Before the advent of mass print and television, the world’s royal families (the Elites) were able to go about their business within their castle walls, without a care in world what the peasants outside thought or imagined what was going on inside.

As the world entered the 20th Century and the 1% Elite had to deal with a level of interest and intrusion unlike they’ve ever had to deal with before.

In the good old days all they had to do was nail an acclamation on the palace gates, and the peasants would believe as gospel whatever it read.

Now cameras were commonplace, and an eyewitness accounts could be relayed across the country in seconds with the invention of the telegram.

The Elites had to change with the times and find ways in which to satisfy the peasants, that what they were being told was the truth and nothing but the truth.

This was getting more and more difficult with each passing decade. The peasant’s standard of living was rising, as was their literacy levels. More peasants than ever were able to read and more peasants than ever were taking an interest in what their overlords were doing behind closed doors.

Its with this in mind, that the Elites were prepared to go to any lengths to maintain their life-styles, traditions, that would ultimately lay the foundation of the Spivey Conspiracy.

Fear as a tool of control

Through centuries of experience the Elites knew the peasants were most perceptible to control if they feared attack from an enemy. With an enemy force advancing and with nowhere to hide, the peasants would naturally run to the fortified palaces and beg for sanctuary within the palace walls. The peasants would do anything to be let in. If you said jump, the peasants would answer in unison, “how high your majesty?” If you said the price was to cut off their little finger, or even for that matter, sacrifice their first born, they would gladly do it as a price of safety.

The Elites knew from hardened experience that the populace were best controlled with fear. Though of-course there was a fine line to walk. Too much control and the fear enforced on the people would inevitably result in revolution. The Elites knew the peasants would take only so much shit being thrown at them, before they started throwing the shit back to where it was being thrown from.

The Elites had to come up with a plan in which the peasants lived under fear of attack, but not from their own rulers, but from an external threat, of which their rulers had no influence.

Hence the invention of the FALSE FLAG EVENT.

The Spivey Conspiracy tells us that both World War I and II, were false flag events generated to keep the peasants in fear and completely under control.

For further evidence of this I suggest you read Greg Hallett’s book, HITLER WAS A BRITISH AGENT.

But yet the invention of false flag events is but the tip of the iceberg of the Spivey Conspiracy. The 1% Elite also realised they had to deal with the public’s perception of themselves.

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude there would be a festival of Elite hangings if the peasants really knew what they were getting up to behind closed doors. After all, the Elites are easily bored and viewing the peasants as their cattle to do with as they wilt; they had to ensure what happened behind closed doors remained top secret, while at the same time, feeding the now intelligent peasants, with enough propaganda to convince them, that what they were doing behind closed doors was perfectly acceptable and respectable.
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