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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
You had your question answered a dozen times you utter troll. One of the finest geologists on the planet says they can't be faked and gives a while host of fully explained reasons why not. As do his colleagues.

People like you are the also rans. You know less than nothing about this yet still act the arse. The response has been worded in easy childproof speaks volumes that you still don't understand any of it.

Owned again....dozens of times.
no. you. didn't. you're just a cut n paste cowboy that cannot explain jack shit in it's most common denominator. no imagination, nothing to say for yourself, no self thought, no critical thinking... completely in the pocket of TPTB. never siding with icke yet never saying he's wrong, always quoting mainstream science, media, NASA and the world govt.... you're a nothing.

better to be an also ran than a never has been, never will be, and considered totally irrelevant by a lot of people on this site (according to my inbox). I called you out before regarding your shilling membership on this site and probing threads. now fuck off

"owned" how old are you.... go and join your fanclub under whichever 'moon' rock you want and play with each other's...

was I talking to you cod-piss face?

now who's trolling?

fucking retard that you are (yeah I know 3/5 points!!)


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