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Very good, thegatherer! Something to think about in this season of binge eating and drinking!

Religions are a parasite in themselves. When those (for example) Jehovah's Witness people turn up on your doorstep, they are feeder-parasites looking for more "fleas" so that more energy can be passed on to the much more vast JW collective entity.

Everyone gains energy when you pay attention to them. When someone drones on and on about their issues/problems, you end up feeling drained...because you are being drained.

This flow of energy from listener to speaker was described well in the book The Celestine Prophecy.

A speaker, or a pop singer, or basically anyone giving a speech or display of their talents, is drawing energy from the whole band of his/her audience.

That's why old celebrities carry on forever with their careers because they become addicted to the energy that they get from people.

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