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Default Archons- Nested Parasites

Not only do the archons parasitize off of us, they parasite off of each other. In fact, they are a hierarchy of parasites with each level parasitizing off the levels below it and being parsitized by the levels above it. I would venture to say your place in the hierarchy is determine by WHO the entity parasitize off of and who parsitizes that entity!

This is totally analogous what happens in organized crime. I once heard a low level ex mobster explain that when he joined the mob his financial situation initially got worse! Why? Because he had to kick back a certain amount of money, whether he could afford it or not, to his boss. His boss had to do the same thing to HIS boss, etc. In other words, the mobster was directly paying off his boss and indirectly his boss' boss, etc. No doubt mirroring exactly what is going on in the Archon hierarchy.

Another analogy: parasites often contain within them parasites and THESE parasites often have parasites in them! How far does it go? Probably to some deeply nested parasitic energy (the Demiurge/ Satan?).
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