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Netta, I feel exactly like you... the perverted ones are the scariest clips. Where is the real love? It´s so sad... it´s not a wonder that so many children and women get raped and all this other crap. Watch the shoe clip with the young girl... maybe she is 14 or something? She is acting like a softporno bitch... freaky and sad. The Illuminate are raping children... and when the stupid slaves are rapeing too... food for the low vibrating gods. WHAT A SICK WORLD.

Like Beatnuk said:
"A prime example. Ever wonder why subliminal messages are everywhere, and why 90% of them say "Sex"? ever wonder why most music videos on MTV is pornography in disguise? Our sexual functions is in the ROOT-Chakra, it is so-called "root-consciousness". If they Hijack your Root, by over-stimulating it with sexual commands and images, they can prevent you from growing and balancing the higher chakras. That's what's happening. Pure mind control, it is NOT to "sell a product"

And they are trying to destroy the love and replace it with dirty porno-phantasies. Not see the other gender as a consciousness-being... only checking out the stimuli. And because of that many people are sex-chemokick-junkies... I feel very disgusted when I see the world, I want to travel to another planet, it´s sick around here, yes.

It´s not subliminal anymore... it´s a fuckin punch into the face.

@ stinky catz:

Enjoy it:
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