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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
They were qabalists carrying out ritual initiations

They invented the cheque. So pilgrims travelling to the holy land could avoid carrying gold or silver which might be stolen from them by depositing it with the templars at the beginning of their journey in return for a written promissory note. Once at the other end they would hand over their note to the templars in the levant who would then hand over the required amount

The journey to the levant by land or sea was dangerous and many people would not have completed the journey. This no doubt would have mean that their money was forfit and property of the templars
The cheque in this respect was a good idea though dont you think, especially in a time when travelling with wealth would have been very risky.

If they really were qabbalists doing ritual initiations then so what? why is that a problem?
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