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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Was it worth watching?
Very. I don't usually say that about things Yesterday TV come out it with, e.g yet another Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved documentary or UFO cover up Area 51 through the back door key hole etc. etc. yaaaaaaaawn.

No, this was quite good, presented by a host of historians who pretty much agree Templars were first and foremost a financial threat to the clergy more than anything else which is why they were closed down so rapidly.

Regarding the mystical stuff which they may or may not have come across, historians admit nobody knows, though they are pretty sure they were in on something possibly ancient scripture wise, which would've challenged Christian doctrine entirely.

The SAS/Goldman Sachs of their day, they camped out in Solomon's Temple no less and were primarily successful gold (not God) diggers, treasure hunters and money lenders, massive recruitment programme in return for yet more wealth from enrolees only too eager to join in the Crusades in return for handing over all they owned, lots of influence, owned huge farmlands and businesses, high contacts and connections within Islamic community also.

Enormous wealth and autonomy.

Worship of cats and Baphomet supposedly , though many of their alleged secret ritual systems may well have been just malicious gossip spread by King Philip of France to get them in trouble with the Pope who ultimately sanctioned their capture, torture and execution.

Their enormous wealth of gold however had long since been spirited away elsewhere (possibly Europe/UK/maybe what later became USA) before they were located and captured...(remind you of anybody - circa 1945 ?)

Jaques de Molay was their main man:

P.S. This programme put another book on my reading list : "Foucault's Pendulum " by Italian author/philosopher Umberto Eco (1988) which is a novel exploring what may have become of the Templar's secrets after 1307.

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