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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
according to some it does Zhiba , because according to some any opposition to Islam is purely orchestrated to effect support for Israel

I do not personally believe this, but I know some do ( and was faced with that charge in a seperate thread about Tommy Robinson )
I wouldn't have mentioned it before, but as you keep bringing it up in your comments, enough is enough.

Let the forum see your remark on the Tommy Robinson thread (sarcastic or not)

You said:

"Everything is so easy to work out once you can blame Zionism.

It makes the bitter pill of life easier to swallow.

Bad credit ? Zionists. Yellow teeth ? Zionists.

Ran out of tampons ? Zionists.

While I agree the banking Cabal need dismantling , the fractional reserve banking system has landed us all in deep shit no doubt , calling Tommy Robinson a whore is a bit of a stretch. Of course he works for someone, we all do ( unless you don't work )

I bet you could eventually link ANYONE to Zionists if you wanted to , because you can all ways find a path to wealth and funding has had to come from somewhere.

As an example, my wife's great grand uncle or something like that was fleeing religious persecution from Eastern Europe as Christian.

There is a book about their movements and lo and behold in the book this man ends up in the Rothschilds house getting funding to open up new CHRISTIAN Churches.

I guess that makes my non denominational economically broke wife a Zionist whore too ?

You will find the Satanic Globalists have funded all sides, everyone has received funding from them.

Blair / Bush / Brown / Merkel / Farage / Corbyn / May / Cameron / Churchill / Hitler / Mussolini / Sadam / Mubarak / Putin the list is endless , you could probably find Greenpeace on the books - everything , all of it, friends of the earth , PETA , Anti Fa Clinton /Obama ALL OF IT

Because ALL of it goes to the bank, ALL OF IT has to have funding - unless you have spent life on benefits or as a student and then even in fact you are STILL funded by Zionists.

So does that mean we are all Zionist ? Every single one of us ? If you use money you are a Zionist according to this logic.

David Icke is a fucking Zionist as he must use money to buy an aeroplane ticket. Everyone who used a credit card to buy a David Icke ticket or a book is fucking Zionist because they all received funding from a bank. Zionist WHORES according to this logic

So the other question I want to put forward is this , what's the answer ? By rubber stamping someone like Tommy Robinson as a Zionist and saying that explains it all completely detracts from the reality of what he is saying.

There is a concerted effort in both online and the public to discredit alternative sources of information , I can see this at play all over the place.

You don't have to agree with everything anybody says , but rubber stamping everyone as Zionist and saying '' that explains it all '' is disingenuous to say the least.

As I've pointed out if you want to use finances as a way to link people to Zionism then we are ALL zionist whores because we are ALL stuck in the banking Cabals grip.

Until that changes, you could find a path to Zionism through anybody.

So another question I have , considering the sense is that Zionism is a big old Jewish conspiracy.

Recently Pamela Geller was told by NYC they have banned all religious and political advertising from their books. Then, out of nowhere there comes an organisation called the NYC Human Rights Commission which has taken out adverts on the NYC subway depicting a woman in a Hijab. The advert says nobody has the right to tell you what you can and cannot wear if it's your faith.

They have taken out religious advertising on the NYC subway even when NYC says it will not.

Is the advertising pro Zionist ? Pamela Geller is openly jewish ( it's pretty hard not to notice when you listen to her ) yet she is NOT allowed advertising space for her religious message.

So how far does this Zionist agenda go do you say ? It certainly holds no sway in NYC.

Which is odd, considering the sphere of influence you would expect them to be in charge of NYC advertising right ? No ?

Lastly , IMO , I all ways tend to root for the little guy. I tend to side with the weaker party out of some ridiculous notion of compassion inherent in my spirit.

So when I look at the numbers , when I see the actual number of Jewish people on this planet compared to say oh I don't know -- Muslims , then I tend to want to side with the Jewish people.

Lets have a look at the numbers shall we ?

14.3 Million Jewish people in the world.

1.6 BILLION Muslims in the world.

I don't doubt that a few can control the many , it's pretty fucking obvious to me that the few who are the banking Cabal have that down pretty good.

But everyone a Zionist who opposes Islam ? No way vanwise

This is what I want to say , of course Ezra Lavant is Jewish and so naturally he would have an interest in defending the jewish people.

I would hope, just as people want to believe Muslims have a right to exist , they would extend that right to anyone else.

I think having a sense of self preservation is actually pretty healthy and it has only been recently I have seen the rise of the pathologically altruistic who somehow believe it is ONLY certain people who have a right to defend themselves.

Not everything is as easy an answer as we would like to believe."

End quote

I'll concede you do have a point because Zionist money is everywhere.

Many people will be employed by Zionists without even knowing it.

The question is: Why do Zionists have so much power and why are they flooding Europe with immigrants?

EDIT: Tampons, yellow teeth and your wife's great, "grand" uncle whatever that is really aren't relevant to the discussion and if you think Zionists have no sway in New York City ..... you're bonkers. They always fund both sides.

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