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Question G.o.d!

Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
This all ways happens when the subject is Islam , if you keep going you will eventually be called a Nazi but you have to go through all sorts of other names first

only when you are called a Zionist shill will you have really made the grade but don't cheat and actually say anything in support of Israel , also any positive feedback about Donald Trump is instant Zionism proof so that's cheating too

if you haven't been called a racist yet you haven't got started properly

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Exactly! And mentioning the word Zionism also brings the customary accusations of racism towards Jews when in fact it is the enemy of all peoples. Douglas Murray is spot on with his views on Islam, but apparently has some real controversial pro Israel views which are a turn off for many of his admirers.

Also I believe he has a vested interested in putting out one particular view regarding homosexuality as he is allegedly one himself, but when he argues calmly why is homosexuality condemned by this religion/cult Islam then anyone with an ounce of decency must agree with him, especially when those poor souls are forced to have a sex change in Iran to be accepted. I also like his balanced, eclectic way of debating the issue of radical Islam perse and his book 'The Death of Europe' is an incredible read.

Now with the latest atrocity in London are we to expect another candle vigil, singalong, pop star concerts for the victims. Enough is enough, 23, 000 psychopaths on the watch list! However did it get to this? When companies in Switzerland are 'forced' to remove the famous Swiss cross from iconic items like their famous centuries old Swiss cross for a complaining less than 1% of their population- Muslims, then it truly is all over in Europe! Unfortunately the UK is following the same pattern.

My question analysing all of this is who truly benefits from all of this cultural mayhem? When we learn the answer we may shed a better light on things. Surely Islam cannot be blamed for all the woes happening now, though outwardly it appears so, but some evidence points to certain security agencies actually initiating the running of these terror cells despite the members not actually knowing? To quote from that truly excellent film "The Veteran," The G.O.D syndrome runs the show: Guns, Oil & Drugs! There's your answer which is dividing the world!
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