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Originally Posted by yamayama View Post
Thanks for the reply Meksar.

Do you find it strange that there isnt one coherent figure/number showing the true real amount of missing kids?

Its like the kids charities, law enforcement and government are purposely presenting false figures to the public. Whether thats done on purpose or its just incompetence, i cant say. But its a terrible reflection on society.

Has a side note i was looking for offiicial numbers for kids who have disappeared at Gibraltar, Crete and Malta. But these figures dont seems to exist. Can anyone help on this?
Well many charities do the opposite of what they claim to do at the high levels and of course you have these silly government brainwashing cults stealing public money through bonafied charities. All of these secret societies and government cults are all connected through the law enforcement, courts, charirites, social services etc and are able to coverup the most horrific and sickening crimes taking place against children. I doubt there are any official numbers because these children dissapear and they are put into eltist pedophile rings or used in sacrifical rituals.
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