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Originally Posted by cousin_frothy View Post
Can't help but wonder, If it was not a air liner that hit the pentagon but a missile or something else, then we're missing a plane?

Possibly, but then we don`t really have all that much evidence any of the planes from the official version were even involved. The case for this is almost exclusively the suspicious phone calls, but most of them came from 93. In fact, almost all of them did. I have heard someone speculate that all the four planes in question landed at Logan and that all the passengers were moved onto 93 to get rid of all the witnesses by shooting it down, and that the three other planes were either not there (Pentagon) or replaced by remotely flown military aircraft (New York).
The basis for this is that all four planes allegedly took off with most of the seats empty, which would be highly irregular for trans continental flights in the USA since they are always crammed as full as they can go for maximum profitability. But it`s speculation anyway and there`s no real way to prove it. What`s not speculation is that there is no possible way Hahni Hanjour could have flown a passenger plane the way the US government reported that flight 77 flew before hitting the Pentagon. He was a moron, a douchebag and a complete and utter cretin who would have had trouble hitting the broadside of a barn with a bicycle. In addition the maneuver would have produced in the order of 8 gs, which would have made him and anybody else on board unconscious before even descending to ground level.

This isn`t the best image in the world and only shows the horizontal trajectory and not the vertical, and because the plane was descending dramatically during this circular movement at high speed it is beyond the skills of expert pilots. Secondly, the final turn was also too sharp for the design of a large passenger plane and is basically physically impossible to perform. Tests have been conducted with professional pilots in simulators and they all fail to reproduce the path allegedly taken by 77, hence the presence of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Furthermore, what is the point of the circle to begin with? Why not descend earlier to escape radar detection and hit the building without the turn? And why not hit the more important east wing where the top brass and Donald Rumsfeld had their offices? And then the cherry on top is Hanjour the Clown, who was so bad at flying cesnas that his instructors refused to fly with him anymore just a few weeks before 9/11 and who is reported to have started praying when he lost control of his practise plane on at least one occasion, who the US government insists performed this miracle descent perfectly, after having flown for half an hour into West Virginia before turning his plane around.
Like I said originally; whichever direction you approach 9/11 from it stinks to high heaven...

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