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Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
What would motivate someone to clean puke off the floor of a pub or club?

Everything will be free eventually, how does that stop some people, or many, from getting rat-arsed all day, we have that now, if alcohol is free, society will collapse.
How does it stop people getting into cars, racing them, smashing them up, getting another for free and doing the same? Is that allowed/possible?
Haha! Now you are touching on areas about why I think anarcho-syndicalism is the right way to go first. TVP is impossible to do with the flick of a light switch. There are many socio-economic paradigms to be overcome first and technology to advance to the point where it needs to be for this to happen.

Do we all get the finest home possible? Who gets the first ones built?
Again, I don't believe this is worth doing until we have all worked towards something better, imho everything should simply remain as is for now.

In theory that sounds great, ideologicly, people are different, even under TVP this will still be the case, albeit less, at some point humans are going to want to do things their way, see life their way, which will be different to others ways, this will cause natural human division as we have today all over the world, you can't then dicide to dictate how people think and behave, thats why we have a voting system, albeit taken advantage of by idiots.

TVP has many great ideas, it just doesn't take into account human differences. Peter and his supporters only tell us the answers to things they can back-up, they ignore everything else.
Correctamundo which is why (again lol) people should begin to start at square one with anarcho-syndicalism (similar to mondragon).
It lets people learn how to co-operate and make the best of life by experiencing it for real instead of reading it on blogs or watching youtube videos
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