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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
Alex Jones just doesn't get it... nobody thinks he is an idiot because he is a Christian or a Capitalist; they think it because he is actually an ignorant idiot.

So, the main criticism on that video is that the Venus Project is a luciferian theosophical NWO religion. Then, can someone please explain me how can anyone be all those things and at the same time be an atheist... it's simply stupid!
What you describe as AJ's ignorance, is based on the lies spouted by the Venus Project being totally workable. Why would anyone welcome a liar with open arms, thus AJ's 'ignorant' response to Peter.
Who is going to stand in a grease ridden sweltering chip shop frying small pieces of potatoe etc when they could be fullfilling the fruits of life as the Venus project expresses.
btw, i agree with Peter's view on the 'jesus character'.
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