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Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
Whatever Westerner modern myth you search on the Web you get pages of links to ‘conspiracy theory debunking’ sites and articles by entitled ‘scholars’… they got the cleansing done and most the evidence and critical material got either removed or buried under tons of PC propaganda…

As I previously suggested it’ll soon be too late, because as long as we keep reacting to their BS they assume there’s hope for them to reverse the ineluctable or at least hold it back for a few more months or years again… as ever ‘just a few more’…

Lie isn’t forever but those on the other side stole and saved enough to survive until way after we’ll all be homeless or dead… so it seems to me that our best option isn’t to hit the street and ‘fight’ but just to stop responding as we’re expected to…

Deadline is set to the 27th of this month if I’m not wrong… so I suggest that past that date we all set our TV, computer and smart phone off line until THEY get forced to step down the street trying to get back our attention… which they’ll sure never dare to do…

The elite rely on the media to further their agenda, but poor media people absolutely need the device we’re sold to stay connected so that they can reach us…

Accessorily I suggest we all stir up mayhem and post absolutely WHATEVER until the end of this month in protestation against the shutdown of this forum…
What the absolute fuck are you guffing on about?????

There is just way too much irony in someone trolling this particular thread with such gibberish.
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