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1. Are you awakened? ...In the sense of being awakened to the fact that accepted reality is a facade created by a cabal to enslave us .... YES

2. Are you enlightened?.... A Buddhist term , I don't believe there is such a final state as being"enlightened"

3. Do you seek the Truth?...Definitely , in all things

"why do you routinely almost wilfully avoid counter evidence?" ... I could equally ask you "why do you willfully avoid the evidence others present???"

Your pet accusation is the people "run away" ... No , they just get fed up with going over and over the same thing , they know you will always be able to find a reply ..

NASA has experts on the subjects and they will always have an excuse for anything .. and you will find it with a search ...

So I rarely now get into protracted arguments , I present my position and let people decide for themselves.
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