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There are false perceptions that are handed to us and the process happens from birth onwards. A big one in recent times was that iraq had weapons of mass destruction that could be launched against us in 45 minutes

If a person hears or reads that in the news and believes it because they still have faith in the corporate and state media then that becomes their perception of reality

They then live in a perception of reality where their existence has come under threat. When the government then says that they must meet the threat with force that person is then inclined to agree especially when they hear stories about giant guns being constructed using parts bought in britain

Their perception of reality has affected their behaviour

So if you can control someones perceptions of what is real then you can control how they see the world and how they see the world will then affect how they behave in that world and how people behave in the world then affects how the world is shaped

So by controlling the perceptions of people you can control how the world plays out and therefore what shape it takes

part of creating perceptions revolves around creating a NARRATIVE which is to say a convincing story. So to make the iraq war perception more believable they staged some pure theatre in front of the US congress by getting a lady who was the daughter of the Kuweiti ambassador to the US to stand in front of congress and pretend that she was a nurse so that she could give a false testimony that the iraqis were committing atrocities in kuweit

In truth iraq had entered kuweit because kuweit had bought slant drilling technology from the US which it was using to drill sideways under the iraq border so that they could steal iraqs oil which they then sold to customers like the US for a cheap price which then undercut the iraqi economy causing economic hardship for iraq

So they created this story/narrative of saddam as this devil who was menacing the west to create that perception in the minds of the western public so that they could 'manufacture their consent' for war (two wars really)

So it then becomes a challenge for those that have 'awakened' to this game to then seek to establish what perceptions are founded on fact and which are founded on lies so that we can then carry out right action in the world and not be duped into wrong action by the engineers of perception
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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