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Originally Posted by zoeismyeverything View Post
Nice to see an interest.
Obviously this is a deep topic which needs to be studied even more.

Again, I'm not saying that people with 'autism' are wrongly diagnosed. Like I said, they are certainly different from the "norm". It's just that maybe they share a personality which is wrongly labelled as a psychological condition.
You would not believe the scale and number of children being diagnosed and how small they have to deviate from the 'norm' to be diagnosed.

To me it seems like this. They want children to fit in school and become perfect, robotic, non-questioning and programmable. If a child doesn't take to the school environment they are labelled...simple as. That is the way it is. They're either 'naughty', 'crazy', autistic, adhd etc.

Many children are being diagnosed with PDA. A relatively "new condition". Basically, if they can't follow rules and orders, they are classed as defiant and alienated, diagnosed and medicated because of this...crazy
In the UK autism is labelled not as a phsychological condition, but as a physiological / neurological condition. Places like France label it as psychological and as an ilness. They are wrong. It's been proven to be a neurological developmental issue and great stacks of neural networks are just missing, which means there is reduced brain capacity in certain areas, especialy in the frontal cortex, which is why those with autism are noted for their terrible inabilities when it comes to social interactions, which often have to be processed as an abstraction rather than realtime.
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