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Originally Posted by aurum View Post
Yes, I hear what you're saying on this- my initial reaction was based on the amount of time it's taken for this to suddenly be brought up (40+ years or so?), and just trying to consider other possibilities- it's not even playing devil's advocate, it's just acknowledging that we don't have all of the facts. That said though, if this was his modus operandi then maybe there will be other accounts from other young girls which will lend further support to her statement.

Please don't get me wrong on this, I'm in no way making excuses for rape- I was just taking into consideration that he might not have realised she was underage etc. I can completely understand her not reporting it at the time, but 40 years does seem a long time to wait.

If he was a predator then it's highly doubtful she's the only one- time will tell and hopefully justice will be served. If he was deliberately targeting young naive girls, then he deserves all he's got coming to him. The bottom line is though, sexual abuse of children is currently at endemic levels- shockingly so. E-commerce statistics are a real eye-opener, in terms of just how prevalent this problem is. Police time and resources also need to be allocated to those children who are currently suffering, and in my opinion nowhere near enough is being done to address that.
She reported it before then and was ignored and has been trying to get her case looked at for quite a few years. He knew she was young and a virgin and targeted her. That's what these celebs/elites do- they think they can just take what they want and be above the law.
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