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Originally Posted by roastpotatoes View Post
I watched this, posted on another thread. The world has literally gone mad.
It's social engineering

The students themselves don't mean any harm and believe they are being tolerant and good people. The problem is though that there is a dark agenda behind it all which these people are currently blind to and they are being slowly brainwashed to drop their guard

They are being softened up for the various policies which the occultists are looking to impose on them which will dissolve their society as they know it and leave everyone isolated, confused and alienated from where they can then be more easily controlled by the hiearchies of the occult orders that are behind the NWO agenda

History should teach those that listen that you can't drop your guard. The struggle against authoritarian control is an ongoing one that requires ongoing vigilence. KGB defector explains how you ideological subvert a society over 2-3 generations:

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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