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This occult network manifests in many different ways across all races and cultures because psychopathy manifests across humanity. How do we spot this black lodge? Passio lists several key agendas of the psychopathic occultists:

-MORAL RELATIVISM: the claim that there is no wrong or right and that anything goes and that the end always justify the means

-SOCIAL DARWINISM: the belief that only the strong survive and that anything is permitted in the struggle for supremacy and that any action is permitted to survive and outwit your opponent. 'Strength' to these people is cruelty and cunning. The aim here is to create a dog-eat-dog society and if you do not conform to that brutal logic then, in their minds, you are asking to be victimised

-EUGENICS: the belief that the moral relativist, social darwinist is evolutionarily superior to any caring, sharing humans and therefore is justified in eradicating any of the 'weak' sections of humanity

If you are debating with someone and they try to argue that humans deserve to suffer because human nature is essentially horrible then that is an example of the moral relativism virus at work; underlying such a view is a cynical belief that people deserve to suffer and perish

The more dog eat dog they can make the world, the more desperate peoples behaviour becomes and the more the dark occultists can point at humanity and claim their nature is base and fallen. But human nature is a mix of good and bad. It is capable of both. If however they can convince you that you shouldn't care about anyone else then they have won your soul in the spiritual war and they move a step closer to creating the heartless world they seek to construct in their own image

The dark occultist believes that you should only look out for your own interests and expects everyone else to do the same thing. The 'nihilists' Albert Pike said would be unleashed on the world seek to drown the world in helpless victimhood as people are beseiged by predatory social darwinism

Agents of this agenda will argue online that ultimately nothing really matters, that no one can know any truth and that you should just resign yourself to the inevitable victory of evil over the human soul

This passive resignation to the changes the dark agenda is pushing on society through various means is then encouraged through some new age gurus who preach moral relativism that leaves its adherents paralysed and unable to gain a reference point in reality from which to engage with it. But the dark occultists have no such problem and most definately DO have strong beliefs anchored in reality from which they will seek to dominate any confused, divided and rootless people

Passio also looks at the role of the new age religion in the occult agenda in the following clip. One of the first points he raises is that new age brainwashing teaches people not to look into anything 'negative'. This is clearly a mind control device to destroy a persons ability to problem solve because to solve a problem you have to first identify what is wrong so that you can then figure out a solution to the problem. Icke also does not agree with this aversion to 'negative subjects' as he tackles head on many of the problems facing us today including the cabal control of the money supply and the child abuse within the corridors of power

How many times do your hear agenda pushers online telling you not to discuss things because they are 'negative'? The occultists want you to turn the other way and bury your head in the sand so that you can never figure out what they are doing and as a result will never be able to defend yourself from their agenda

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