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Originally Posted by morphal View Post
8 nephila 8 described some of her traits that she considers part of her being rh negative or of interest, you picked her post apart and jumped all over her, not making sense, and making yourself look like an ass.

Your points are invalid, and now you're fixated on negating someone's claims of eyes shifting color. You're simply ignorant and becoming rigid in your offensive attack.

Babies eyes change color, but maybe you've never been around a baby so your ignorance can be excused.

Eyes are very different from hair, but I guess you hadn't realized that either, lol!!!

All babies in the west are born with blue eyes. The melanin pigmentation takes the colour in the eye in the first few weeks after been born. So it's DNA and your genetics. After this, your eyes do not change colour. I never said eyes and hair are the same, don't be daft and idiotic.

But melanin in the hair and eyes are what gives you the colour it has. The colour of your eyes is related only one thing, how much melanin you have in it.

Your body grows up till about 22. Doesn't mean you grow another leg! The same applies with your eyes once the eye colour is whatever colour that is it. It's your eye colour. Your eyes don't change colour whether you like it or not.

As for your idiotic attack stating of how people think of me. I am gone way past what people think of me. It's a waste of energy and I certainly don't waste time in trying to look fake or popular as a poster. My job is about been real with myself. None of my points were invalid. You just chosed ignorant belief over reality.

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