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Of course he is, and he will see himself as part of the establishment. You cannot be a billionaire, without playing there game.

Do you think high profile people will give him deals, if he was not, i doubt it. He plays there game, and knows how to play it.

There is no difference between donald, or hillary. You do not get to be either one, without being nasty in this world, and its amazing how people assume one is bad and the other not, lol.

He is out for his family and friends, like most people that high. He said it himself, he could not care less if he does not win, he still has a life to go back too, while getting all this world wide free publicity. Imagine how much publicity he has gotten for free, worldwide, just by being the republican nominee. He was well known in america before, but now is known worldwide. You cannot buy that sort of publicity for himself, and he gets it essentially free now.
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So true
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