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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Your insistence that Corbyn was insistent on a second referendum, when the article merely speculates that he is moving in that direction.

What are you not understanding about that?
oh you mean the title i posted above the picture?

I cut and pasted that off the headlines of this website along with the picture saying corbyn is a 'sell out'

I posted that because i agree that he is a sell out and have said so myself

A clip came out recently showing corbyn virtue signalling to irish voters telling them that the EU would make them vote again on the lisbon treaty because they did not vote the way that the EU wanted them to vote. He then said he wished we could have a vote in britain

Well we GOT a vote in britain! The british people including 60% of labour constituencies voted to leave the EU

So what does jeremy 'i did nothing about the child abuse in homes in islington' corbyn do?

he says we need another vote until we vote for something that the EU will agree to. sell out
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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