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Originally Posted by lewi View Post
I do not understand the so called rise in antisemitism I see no evidence of this, Jewish people in the UK seem happy enough to me.

They are not under any type of oppression or attack in the UK and if it wasn't for the UK and the allies they wouldn't be here any more.

Is saying that antisemitism !? That question to me is conversation.
The question to me is why do elected representatives of the british people make themselves beholden to the interests of jews and muslims.

England is a nation built on the values of christianity and later on secularism.

Neither of those concepts are remotely judaic or islamic.

If the uk continues to allow jews and muslims to decide what is acceptable behaviour in a nation which is not founded on those ideologies then it will cease to be the united kingdom and instead become what it is starting to look like.

An outpost for jewish and muslim extremists to continue fighting over the temple mount and the british people will be seen as a pain in the arse to both these groups of extremists and treated with further disdain.

I would repeat this statement in a court of law.
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