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Didn't want to participate in this thread as the weetabix is a tad thick and salty, however, for the umpteenth time:

§ 2.1 - Change of name act, Ontario, Canada
(a) a person whose birth is registered in Ontario is entitled to be recognized by the name appearing on the person’s birth certificate or change of name certificate, unless clause (c) applies;
Is that so difficult?

This really has turned into JREF V2.0.
It's very simple. You posit spirits, I posit nothing, as in neutral, as in no position on the matter; not a vested interest in the outcome, couldn't care less either way even if it was really really real. I don't have to prove nothing, nor can I and nor do I care. Who in this situation has the burden of proof?
If demons control this realm and you want help in defeating them then you'd better be able to convince non-believers that they exist.
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